Service Upgrades – We remove your old fuse and breaker panels. To upgrade to a power supply between 100-200amps, this will allow for you to safely grow into your home.

New Panels

Most houses don’t need a service upgrade, they just need the panels upgraded. For example a 100 amp fuse panel will need a 100 amp breaker panel upgrade or a 100 amp breaker panel with 10 slots can be upgraded to a 100 amp breaker panel with 24 slots. It all depends on your electrical needs.

Connecting and disconnecting

Change is inevitable. Whether you’re removing or adding something into your panel, let us do it for you safely. We can add tandem breakers to panels that need more space or upgrade your old breakers to arc fault breakers if needed.

Labeling Your Panel

Our team will thoroughly go through your property and label the inside of each device and switch covers with the corresponding panel number then label each breaker with a brief description of what it does. Allowing for easy future maintenance.
Sub panel installations – We wire in sub panels to make your electrical more convenient for you. Need power? We can wire in a sub panel from your main panel to the space that will require multiple circuits.

Elevate Your Electrical Systems with the Best Panel Services in Hamilton

When it comes to ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your electrical systems, you need the expertise and reliability of New Growth Electric’s Panel Services in Hamilton, Ontario. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch panel services that will enhance the safety, functionality, and energy efficiency of your electrical infrastructure. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, choosing the best panel services in Hamilton is crucial for peace of mind and uninterrupted power supply.

Getting the Right Panel for Your Home or Business

The electrical panel serves a crucial role in any structure, as it is responsible for the distribution of the primary power source to the various branch circuits within a home or building. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of both occupants and property.

In the event that a circuit demands an excessive amount of electricity, the panel’s breakers are designed to trip, preventing an overload of the wiring and subsequently safeguarding against potential hazards. However, when a panel is malfunctioning or defective, the breakers may either trip frequently or fail to trip altogether, potentially exposing individuals to electrical shocks.

A breaker’s failure to trip can also result in incidents like smoke emission and the melting of wires, and in extreme cases, it can even lead to fires. Depending on the circumstances, a panel upgrade may be conducted as part of a broader service upgrade, or it can be undertaken independently to ensure the continued safe and efficient operation of the electrical system.

The Importance of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

An electrical panel upgrade is not merely a maintenance task; it’s a critical investment in the safety, functionality, and efficiency of your electrical system. As the heart of your electrical infrastructure, the panel is responsible for distributing power throughout your home or business. Over time, increasing electrical demands, outdated equipment, or deteriorating components can strain the panel, leading to potential safety hazards, frequent electrical issues, and decreased energy efficiency.

Upgrading your panel not only ensures that it can handle modern electrical loads but also enhances the overall safety of your property, reducing the risk of electrical fires and ensuring a reliable power supply. It’s a proactive step towards safeguarding your loved ones, your property, and your peace of mind, making it an investment that pays off in terms of safety, convenience, and long-term savings.

Why Choose New Growth Electric's Panel Services in Hamilton, Ontario?

The electrical system in your home plays a vital role in maintaining year-round comfort for you and your family. When this system isn’t operating at its best or experiences damage, it can not only affect the overall indoor quality of your residence but also disrupt your daily life. That’s why homeowners in Hamilton should prioritize repairs and maintenance to ensure the optimal and efficient functioning of their homes. A crucial first step in this process is hiring the experts at New Growth Electric, where you benefit from:

Unparalleled Expertise

At New Growth Electric, we pride ourselves on our unmatched expertise in panel services. Our highly trained technicians have years of experience in handling all types of electrical panels, from installation and upgrades to repairs and maintenance. We understand the unique electrical needs of Hamilton residents and businesses, making us the go-to choice for panel services in the area.

Comprehensive Panel Services

Our panel services encompass a wide range of solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a panel upgrade to accommodate increased electrical loads, a panel replacement to ensure compliance with safety standards, or routine maintenance to prevent unexpected outages, New Growth Electric has you covered.

Trusted by Hamilton Residents and Businesses

We take immense pride in being recognized as the best panel services provider in Hamilton, Ontario. Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of countless homeowners and businesses throughout the region. When you choose New Growth Electric, you’re choosing reliability and excellence.

Select from Residential or Commercial Panel Services – New Growth Electric

Residential Panel Services

As a homeowner in vibrant Hamilton, your family’s safety and property security are top priorities. Your home represents your sanctuary, with its electrical system being its lifeblood. Our residential panel services are thoughtfully designed with these principles in mind. We understand the increasing demand for electricity in modern homes, driven by smart devices, energy-intensive appliances, and the growing need for sustainable power sources.

Our expertise lies in upgrading your electrical panel, transforming it into a robust and adaptable core capable of seamlessly managing today’s lifestyle demands. With New Growth Electric’s residential services, you can anticipate a substantial increase in your home’s electrical capacity. 

This translates to fewer disruptions, heightened safety, and the flexibility to accommodate your evolving electrical requirements. Picture the peace of mind that arises from knowing your family’s well-being is safeguarded by a system where every wire, connection, and circuit breaker has been meticulously inspected and upgraded by our experts. When you entrust your home’s electrical system to us, it becomes a steadfast fortress of reliability and safety.

Commercial Panel Services

For Hamilton’s business owners, uninterrupted operations are the lifeblood of success. With a diverse range of enterprises, from bustling offices to dynamic industrial facilities, customized solutions for distinct electrical requirements are imperative. That’s where our commercial panel services step in. We grasp the uniqueness of each business’s needs and the costliness of downtime, both financially and reputation-wise.

At New Growth Electric, our experts specialize in optimizing commercial electrical panels for maximum efficiency and safety. We don’t just upgrade panels; we fine-tune them to seamlessly align with your operations. Picture your office running flawlessly, your manufacturing facility at peak productivity, or your retail space inviting customers with well-lit charm.

If you’re looking for commercial panel services, New Growth Electric offers a competitive edge by delivering a resilient electrical infrastructure and the assurance of uninterrupted operations. Let us handle your electrical needs so you can concentrate on growing your business and keeping it connected, productive, and secure.

The Panel Services We Offer

At New Growth Electric, we offer a comprehensive range of panel services to cater to the diverse needs of our valued clients. Here are the core services that we provide:

New Panels

If you’re looking to upgrade your electrical panel to accommodate increased power demands or if you’re building a new property in Hamilton, our new panel installation service is your solution. Our experts will assess your electrical requirements and install a state-of-the-art panel that meets safety standards and regulatory requirements. With a new panel from New Growth Electric, you can ensure a reliable and efficient electrical supply for your home or business.

Connecting and Disconnecting

Connecting and disconnecting electrical panels is a delicate and essential task, especially during renovations or when adding new circuits. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in connecting and disconnecting panels safely and efficiently. Whether you need to add a new circuit, disconnect an old panel, or reconfigure your electrical setup, you can trust New Growth Electric to get the job done seamlessly, ensuring your electrical system remains in optimal condition.

Labeling Your Panel

Properly labeling your electrical panel is crucial for the safety and convenience of everyone in your home or workplace. Our labeling service ensures that each circuit breaker and fuse is clearly marked, making it easy to identify and isolate specific electrical circuits.

This not only simplifies troubleshooting but also enhances safety by reducing the risk of accidental electrical mishaps. With New Growth Electric’s panel labeling service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your electrical system is well-organized and user-friendly.

Final Thoughts

At New Growth Electric, our panel services in Hamilton, Ontario, go beyond the ordinary. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that cover everything from new panel installations to connecting and disconnecting electrical panels and even ensuring that your panel is properly labeled for easy identification.

When you choose our services, you’re choosing safety, efficiency, and reliability. Our commitment to excellence, unmatched expertise, and dedication to safety make us the preferred partner for all your electrical panel needs. Contact us today to experience the difference that the best panel services in Hamilton can make for your home or business. Trust New Growth Electric for a brighter and safer electrical future.

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